The official dependency management system Go Modules have been supported since Go 1.11, and has since exploded in use. As of 2020 of the adoption of Go Modules has risen to 82% among developers.

Brief Background

Before Go Modules were a thing, there was a variety of community-created dependency management systems such as dep, godep, and govendor. All of these tried to solve the issue of managing the package versions used in applications.

You might not even have heard about $GOPATH, but this used to be something every Go developer had to wrap their heads around. $GOPATH is the path…

Whether you are working hard on a side project, or just started building your company you are going to communicate your idea sometime. And most likely you are going to want someone to invest time or money in your idea.

I’ve been doing a lot of pitches together with my cofounder for our startup ChainTraced lately. As a practise I’ve written down a couple of reflections and things I’ve learned.

I’m going to keep it short and consice, so lets dig in! 📚

Presenting in person 🎤

Practise your on-stage energy, posture and tone of voice. Looking calm and secure is more imporant than…

In this article I will explain the concept of middleware and create a working example in Go. The code for the complete project will be linked at the end of the article.

The article is written as a companion piece to my previous article A mini-guide — Build a REST API as a Go microservice together with MySQL. Although this article is standalone and will be readable and understandable without having read the other one beforehand.

Let’s dive in! <⌨>️

Middleware, what even are they?

If you are already familiar with Middleware and just want to get to the action, you can skip this section.

I have recently found myself coding and deploying a lot of Go microservices, both at my day-job at Storytel and for my side-project Wiseer. In this mini-tutorial, I will create a simple REST-API with a MySQL database. The code for the complete project will be linked at the end of the article.

If you haven’t already done so I recommend taking the Go Tour as a complementary to this article.

This code is using Go Modules, if you are unfamiliar with Go Modules read about it in this other article of mine.

Let’s dive in!

Setup the API

One of the first things…

Johan Lejdung

CTO & Co-founder at ChainTraced. Tech enthusiast, passionate about solving problems!

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